Digital Communications

Email Communications

RSM uses a tailored approach in email list building, management, and messaging, ensuring your communications always land on receptive ears and positioning your club at the pinnacle of member engagement and loyalty.

Email is not just about sending information to your members (and potential members). A tailored approach is about using effective copywriting (Headline, Subject, Body) and segmentation to get your message to the right members. Proper messaging allows you to make “investments” and not continuous “withdrawals” which helps engage, grow, and retain your member base. Using the “investment” approach to most of your messaging will bring tremendous benefits and value to your club and your members.

Email marketing is a cost-effective and powerful way to connect through:

  • Newsletters: Regular updates about events, tournaments, and club news.
  • Promotions: Special offers for membership renewals, guest passes, or pro-shop discounts.
  • Engagement Campaigns: Spotlighting members, sharing success stories, or highlighting instructional content.

Whether you need to start a new email list-building campaign or need assistance with your existing list and messaging, RSM can help.

Graphic Design

Bring your club’s communications to life with specialized graphic design services at RSM. Whether it’s a captivating email layout, an eye-catching newsletter, vibrant event posters, or promotional materials that demand attention, RSM has your design needs covered. Drawing on years of professional experience, designs are not just visually stunning—they are crafted with your club’s unique brand and message at the core.

I know that in today’s world, visual appeal is paramount, and RSM designs aim to captivate your audience while reinforcing your club’s identity. Let RSM handle the design so you can focus on what you do best: running a top-notch club that your members love.